Tony Adams

I’m waiting for the rays of the morning sun;
somebody tell me clearly, has the new world begun?

Who is that Screaming in Lunar Park?
If they make Tony Adams captain
We could all go screaming in Lunar Park
I say yes oh yes – you should check it out

Tony Adams blir husket og respektert av med- og motspillere som en kompromissløs, men fair, midtstopper og lagleder. På albumet Rock Art And The X-Ray Style med Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros finner du sangen Tony Adams. I følge Joe Strummer er sangen en hyllest til den tidligere Arsenalkapteinen, om enn en subtil sådann.

Til oktobernummeret av Q magazine i 1999 sa Strummer: I realised that I was a phoney. I realised that I didn’t care about anything in the whole universe except for the fact: that Tony Adams should be captain for the England football team. I am a Chelsea fan, have been since about 1971 or so. But when I look at him there’s something great about the man. When you’re watching a team on the field they also represent your culture, your tribe. Also, not a lot of people know this: he plays the piano. A lot better than me for instance, although that wouldn’t make much. What I am saying is that he’s remarkable and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

England is used to worship a brand new band every now and then and throw them away into the ten following minutes. That’ s a vicious behaviour but symptomatic of one certain illness which corrupts the UK. I’ ve written one song about that which is called “Tony Adams” : No one in this f*****g country rose up when he was denied the England armband, whilst he was winning his own fight against alcoholism. People might imagine footy is mundane, sometimes mundane stuff are important. We need people like Tony Adams. At the opposite, England is used to get rid of these kind of people, that’ s disgusting, fortalte han franske Télérama.

Bra mann, Joe Strummer!

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The Clash London Calling ble spilt inn bare et par steinkast fra Highbury, og fotballen spilte en viktig rolle.

During the making of what would become London Calling, Stevens had a daily ritual of his own. He had found out that there was Clash fan among the employees at Arsenal. Having bribed said employee with tickets and t-shirts, he would have his taxi-driver stop off at the ground every morning, whereupon he would enter the stadium and walk out onto the pitch. He would then kneel down in the centre circle and pray, teary-eyed, to Liam Brady

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